Slippers game

The children match pairs of slippers with their owners and thus start to notice each other more

Children quickly find out what belongs to whom in a crèche or day care and it feels good to be “seen” by others. The children also have fun exploring the value ”care” as they help each other to find the slippers.

Educational purpose

Use this activity to play with the value ”care”. The children show an interest in each other when they identify which slippers belong to which child, and by helping other children to get their slippers back on. This learning can be transferred to other situations where a child has lost a slipper or other item.

Carry out the activity with

Toddlers in day care or the youngest children in preschool.

What you need

  • A blanket
  • Children’s slippers.

Here is how

  1. Have the children sit down in a circle on the floor.
  2. Ask them to take off one of their slippers and put them in a pile in the middle of the circle.
  3. Place a blanket over the slippers.
  4. Recite together: Hello, good day, coat off, hang ’em on the hook. Slippers on, up on our feet, let’s have a look.
  5. A child crawls into the circle and finds a slipper under the blanket
    – without looking if possible.
  6. The child finds the owner of the slipper among the other children and helps the owner get the slipper on
  7. If the child is unsure about who the slipper belongs to, offer him or her help
    – either from yourself or from one of the other children.


The youngest children will need help from a friend, but try and encourage them to recognise the slippers and see if they can spot whom they belong to. When you have tried this activity a few times, you can let the children hide both of their slippers under the blanket.

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